DRAFT (as of 29 April)

16th National NRM Chairs Forum Program

21 and 22 May 2018, DoubleTree by Hilton, Esplanade, Darwin

NRM in the 21st Century

Forum aims

Regional NRM in Australia has a proud 20-year history. We have developed a national network of regional NRM organisations that covers all of Australia and its marine waters. Our network addresses natural resource management issues at a regional scale through building partnerships with governments, NGOs and most importantly the regional community, and through the development of integrated regional plans. The task for us is to remain relevant; we need to regularly look ahead and examine how we can assist with future challenges.

This Forum will guide progress with developing a national framework for NRM that will serve Australia for the next 20 years. We will hear about national and international trends, risks and opportunities, and discuss how this affects our work and how, with the assistance of science and technology, we can play a greater role. We will also address current matters including the wrapping up of NLP1 and roll-out of NLP2, and discussing the work program for NRM Regions Australia.

This is a great opportunity to learn from each other and create future benefit from our network. The forum will discuss:

–      NLP2 implementation and finalising NLP1

–      International and national context for NRM – drivers and disruptors, risks and opportunities

–      Updates from NRM Regions Australia and the 2018/19 work program & priorities

–      Progress on the national framework and campaign including the next Federal election

–      Learn what’s happening in NRM in the Northern Territory and hear from Indigenous leaders

–      Networking with partners.

Sunday 20 May 2018
6.30 pm Welcome Reception (Lawns of Parliament House tbc)
Monday 21 May 2018
Session 1: Welcome and introductions Chair: Parry Agius, Chair of NRM Regions Australia
8.10 am Welcome to Country: Bilawara Lee, Larrakia and Board member, Territory NRM
8.20 am Forum Opening:  Clare Martin, Chair, Territory NRM
8.35 am Keynotes:

Joe Morrison, CEO, Northern Land Council (tbc) -10mins

Melissa George, CEO, Northern Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management

Alliance (tbc) – 10mins

9.05 am Territory NRM Showcase: Introduced by Karen May, CEO, Territory NRM

Several short presentations and multi-media by Territory NRM and partners demonstrating their work in the Territory.

10.00 am Morning Tea
Session 2: The National Landcare Program
10.30 am The wrap-up of NLP1 and the transition to NLP2

–      Feedback from across the country (collected prior to the forum and distributed in the papers)

Note: Due to coinciding with Senate Estimates, and the possibility of the tender process not being complete, we may not be able to have Australian Government presentations on this topic.

10.50 am Chairs – Discussion and actions
Session 3: NRM in the 21st Century:  Global drivers, risks & opportunities What does it mean for NRM?
11.30 pm Global drivers & disruptors, risks & opportunities the next 20 years?

Emily Gerrard (Environmental policy and law specialist, Comhar Group)

12.05 pm Lunch
1.00 pm Responses panel– What is happening in response?

Covering: UN Sustainable Development Goals, Natural Capital Coalition, Ag industry sustainability frameworks,

•     Stephanie Russo – Manager, Natural Capital, National Australia Bank

•     Rick Archer –  Indigenous land sector development

•     Keith Noble, Reef Credits – Chair, Terrain NRM, Qld

•     Pip Band – Program Manager, Industry Sustainability Framework, MLA Presentations then Q&A panel session with Emily

2.00 pm What does this mean for regions and NRM? What roles can we play?

Interactive session for all Chairs with individual panel members

–      Possible actions and priorities

3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
3.30 pm The Carbon Industry and NRM

The national picture – Peter Castellas, CEO, Carbon Markets Institute

4.10 pm Update on the National Carbon working group
4.25 pm Chairs – Discussion, opportunities, and actions
4.45 pm The next generation and NRM Emma Jackson, Chair, Cape York NRM
5.05 pm Chairs – Discussion, opportunities and actions
5.15 pm Close
7.00 pm Forum dinner: Darwin Sailing Club, 8 Atkins Drive, Fannie Bay.

(Buffet style to allow networking). NT musicians.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Session 4: NRM in the 21st Century – Science, data & information
8.10 am Centre for Invasive Species Solutions – partnering with NRM

Presentation by Andreas Glanznig, CEO, Centre for Invasive Species Solutions

8.30 am Remote sensing and data disruptor Digital Earth Australia and what next?

Presentation by Dr Stuart Minchin, Chief of Environmental and Geoscience Division, Geoscience Australia.

•     Signing of MOU between Geoscience Australia and NRM Regions Australia –

Dr Stuart Minchin and Parry Agius

9.00 am Chairs – Discussion, opportunities and actions from presentations
Session 5: NRM in the 21st Century – Our growing partnerships
9.30 am The future of Landcare – Peter Bridgewater, Chair, National Landcare Network

Update on the proposed merger and partnerships with regional NRM

Examples of progress – the Victorian MOU, Angus Hume

•     Possible signing off on NLN and NRM collaboration framework

10.20 am Morning Tea
Session 6: NRM in the 21st Century – Our National NRM system for the next 20 years
10.50 am Work to date – Kate Andrews, Executive Officer
11.15 pm What does the system need?  Running national campaign – Chairs’ workshop
12.30 pm Lunch
Session 7: Future Priorities and establishing the 2018/19 work plan
1.15 pm Chairsreport – Parry Agius, Chair, NRM Regions Australia

–            Update on NRM Regions Australia 2017/18 (Papers will be included)

1.40 pm Action plan

–      Summary of actions collected throughout the forum

–      Determining priorities and responsibilities 2018/19

3.00 pm Forum Close
Wednesday 23 May 2018
Field Trip – Potentially including invasive weed control, barramundi aquaculture, Indigenous Land and Sea Management, and northern biodiversity