2017 National NRM Regions Chairs’ Forum

Treetops Room, Melbourne Museum,
Carlton Gardens Melbourne
1 and 2 June 2017

Forum Theme: Innovation in NRM

This forum is being held at a significant time for regional NRM in Australia with a decision on future Australian Government funding announced in the May budget.

The forum will provide an opportunity to hear directly from senior Australian government officers, key partners, and to discuss the future of NRM in Australia.

The over-arching theme is innovation in NRM – particularly in Partnerships.

Forum aims:

  1. Hear about the future of the National Landcare Programme and contribute ideas.
  2. Discuss innovations in and outside NRM, including agricultural industry Sustainability Frameworks.
  3. Receive progress reports on national projects.
  4. Establish the budget and direction for the 2017/18 NRM Regions Australia work plan.
  5. Identify issues for bringing to the attention of Ministers.

Wednesday 31 May June 2017

6.30 pm Welcome Reception – TBC (Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce invited to speak, introduced by Angus Hume, Chair of the NRM Regions Australia)

Thursday 1 June 2017

9.00 am Welcome to Country (Introduced by Angus Hume)
9.10 am


Forum Opening: Victorian Minister for Water Lisa Neville to open, and Peter Veenker Chair of Victorian Catchments to introduce.

Victoria’s approach to regional NRMVictoria’s 20 years of CMAs and the Victorian Governments Our Catchments Our Communities Strategy.

Session 1: Encouraging Innovation
9.30 am Keynote address:  Australian National Outlook and the future of NRM

Steve Hatfield-Dodds, CSIRO, Chief Research Leader, Integration Science and Public Policy, Australian National Outlook program

10.00 am Questions and discussion
10.20 am Morning Tea
Session 2: Australian Government briefing: the budget, NLP2 and innovation
10.45 am Briefings by senior executives from the Departments of Environment and Energy, and Agriculture and Water Resources
11.05 am Questions and Table Group Discussion – what are the implications for NRM Regional organisations?
12 md Commonwealth legislative obligations – Why they are crucial for NRM and Australian Government funding.
12.30 pm Table Group Discussion – what are the implications for NRM Regional organisations
12.45 pm Lunch
Session 3:  NLP 2 – Response, Input and actions by Regional bodies
1.30 pm Briefing – Angus Hume & Kate Andrews, NRM Regions Australia Chair and EO
1.45 pm Table discussions: What are the implications? What do we need to do?

Plenary discussion: Agreed actions for NRM Regions Australia

3.15 pm Afternoon Tea
Session 4: Innovation and partnerships – NRM and environmental organisations
3.30 pm Guest speaker – TBC
Session 5: NRM Chairs forward planning: National NRM work program and budget
4.00 pm Future Priorities and establishing the 2017/18 work plan

Summary of actions agreed so far

Table and plenary discussion

4.50 pm Summary of main points from the day.
5.00 pm Close
7.00 pm Chairs dinner:  TBD. (TBC Federal Minister of Environment Josh Frydenberg invited to address the dinner.)

Friday 2 June 2017

Session 6: Progress with NRM Regions Australia Projects
8.30 am National Environmental Accounts – Max Kitchell

Table discussions – What next? What can we do?

9.00 am TBC
10.00 am Morning Tea
Session 7: Innovation and partnerships – working with agricultural industries
10.20 am NFF and Industry partnerships – Presentation from NFF President Fiona Simson and signing of MOU.
11 am Industry Sustainability Frameworks – Panel members NFF and Industry representatives

What’s happening with the Sustainability Frameworks? Why are they important? How can NRM regions support or build upon this work this work?

11.30 am Table Group Discussions – What did we learn? What do we need to build on? Actions.
12.00 pm Summary – Actions/ next steps
12.15 pm Closing: Angus Hume

Handover for the 2018 Forum

12.30 pm Forum close followed by lunch and then airport transfers