Condamine Alliance

New app-roach to NRM data

Condamine Alliance has created a new mobile phone application that will have multiple uses for how NRM data is generated, stored and shared.

NRM Plus, which is available for apple and android phone users, was publicly launched in June 2013. Ultimately, the application allows for the collection of all types of data using different ‘forms’.

The first ‘form’ released using the application allows users to spot, snap and send a record of their weed sightings to a central database of pest weed data.

Members of the Condamine Alliance Weed Spotters Network, coordinated by Toowoomba Landcare Group, trialled the application and helped refine the technology.

Condamine Alliance General Manager, Lucy Richardson, said the technology was a significant step forward for NRM data collection and management.

“We know that more and more Australians are using smart phones and taking advantage of new technology such as applications,” Lucy said.

“It makes sense for us to take advantage of this fundamental shift in human behaviour and introduce this technology into how we do things in the NRM industry.”

“We are very excited to see how this technology can be used in the fight against weeds.

“We believe it will be a great way to harness the collective power of the ‘crowd’ to identify new or existing weed infestations.”

The application was designed and created in collaboration with the Atlas of Living Australia and the initiative is made possible by funding through the Australian Government Caring for our Country program.


Download NRM Plus mobile phone app

For iPhone users: Go to the NRM Plus mobile app in Apple iTunes Store

For android users: Go to the NRM Plus mobile app in Google Play