Fitzroy Basin Association Inc

Better beef businesses through Grazing BMP 


Central Queensland graziers have given glowing reviews for the Grazing Best Management Practices (BMP) program, an initiative of Fitzroy Basin Association Inc., AgForce and the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, to support sustainable agriculture.

A voluntary and industry-led process, Grazing BMP assists graziers to identify improved practices to ensure the profitability and sustainability of their business in the long-term.

The program incorporates five self-assessment modules – Soil Health, Animal Health and Welfare, Grazing Land Management, Animal Production and People and Business – which can be completed online, at workshops with other graziers or one-on-one with an industry facilitator. Developed in central Queensland, the modules are based on current research, industry best practice, and input from graziers.

Six months after the commencement of the program 873 modules have been completed by 285 graziers in the Fitzroy Basin, well on track to meet a June 2014 target of 1,000 modules completed. The program is also on track to meet targets in the Burdekin region and is supported by project partner North Queensland Dry Tropics.

Due to the significant success of Grazing BMP there are plans to grow the program beyond June 2014 and widen its scope of delivery across Queensland, with the intent that in time the market may identify and adopt BMP as the program of choice for sustainable and ethical grazing standards.

Information collected through the program will allow the beef industry to benchmark its performance, share its successes and advocate for graziers.

Grazing BMP is delivered with significant support and investment from the Australian and Queensland Governments.

Total investment: Direct project funding of $1.9 million (over 18 months) plus additional investment of $1 million by project partners.

Partners: Fitzroy Basin Association Inc., AgForce, Queensland Department of Fisheries and Forestry, Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Australian Government, North Queensland Dry Tropics.

Key achievements: 873 modules completed by 285 graziers in the Fitzroy Basin to December 2013.