In action: innovation and collaboration

NRM Regions Australia is based on partnerships and forming dynamic collaboration that give life to innovation.

With over 100,000 people engaged and more than 35 years’ experience in land management, the 56 NRM regional organisations are built on collaboration and partnerships, and are uniquely placed to respond to opportunities and create innovations across Australia. It’s our collaborations and partnerships at the regional level that underpin our capacity to develop and share skills and knowledge and to innovate, resulting in a robust, strong and united approach to regional growth and land management Australia-wide.

Biological control innovations to manage weeds and pest animals

Grazier users of the NRM Spatial Hub say it can measurably improve their properties’ productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Big data helps graziers to manage rangeland areas

New superfood? Kakadu Plums

A Kakadu Plum opportunity for bush tucker industry development