Knowledge bank

Our knowledge bank showcases the extraordinary work of Australia’s 56 NRM regional organisations.

Our Case studies take stock of the work we do and the impact we have. They show the rich diversity of work that NRM regional organisations lead across Australia and what we have collectively achieved.

Our NRM Futures series is sharing success that may be used elsewhere, scaled-up or give insight for what we can do in the future. We will be exploring new ideas, how we can improve what we already do and what we hope to achieve in the future.  With knowledge of how far we’ve come, on this page you’ll read about what we aim and hope to achieve in the future.

Our Reports and submissions capture detailed information where the National Working Group has contributed to national inquiries or where we have identified a need for further information. The National NRM Chairs’ Forum and its National Regions’ Working Group issue reports and prepares submissions to National inquiries that highlight to contribution regional NRM bodies make to National NRM policy outcomes and program implementation. See more.

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