NRM Regions Australia is the representative group of the National NRM Chairs’ Forum and responsible for progressing business between annual Forum meetings. The Forum of all the Chairs of Australia’s 56 regional NRM bodies was established by the then Natural Resource Ministerial Council in 2003 and, until 2010, met with the Council in April each year (the Council was disbanded in 2011).

In Brisbane (April 2007), the National NRM Chairs Forum, mindful of the need to ensure discussions with the Australian Government (and other organisations) on how NRM policy was coordinated, delegated to NRM Regions Australia the responsibility for communication with Ministers on behalf of the 56 NRM regional bodies across Australia.

NRM Regions Australia meets 8 times a year by teleconference and twice a year in person, usually in Canberra. As of January 2018 the members are:

Parry Agius Independent Chair
James Walch Tasmania
Richard Bull New South Wales
Stephen Robertson Queensland
Jim Sullivan Western Australia
Diana Laube South Australia
Clare Martin Northern Territory
Alice Knight Victoria
Paul Davies ACT
Andrew Drysdale Queensland
Kathleen Broderick Western Australia
Matthew Ward South Australia
Karen May Northern Territory
David Witherdin New South Wales
Tim Wong ACT
Rosanna Coombes Tasmania
Chris Norman Victoria
Executive Officer:  
Kate Andrews Executive Officer