The National NRM Chairs’ Forum and its National Regions’ Working Group issue reports and prepares submissions to National inquiries that highlight to contribution regional NRM bodies make to National NRM policy outcomes and program implementation.

Reports and statements formally adopted by the the National NRM Chairs Forum

Australia’s NRM Governance System: Foundations and principles for meeting future challenges: NRM Governance in Australia

Landcare Statement of Common Purpose: Statement of Common Purpose REVISION 20131008 Final

National NRM Regions’ Working Group submissions

September 2012 submission to the Australian Government’s Food Plan Green Paper: National NRM Regions Working Group submission to the Food Plan

Submission to the Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund Green Paper February 2014: Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper submission 010214

Submission to the Australian Senate’s 2014 Inquiry into Landcare

Submission to the Australian Government’s Agriculture White Paper development: