Queensland Murray Darling Committee Inc

Carp Buster Fishing Series 2012-13

Wrapping up in Surat in May 2013, the 2012-13 Carp Buster Fishing Series ended with some impressive statistics:

•    1477 anglers removing

•    11,416 carp from the waterways of the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

•    weighing 9,000kg.


European Carp are a high profile pest fish, now believed to make up to 80% of the total fish biomass within the river and creek systems of the Basin. Taking a wider view, there are many factors that influence the health of our region’s water ways. The Carp Buster Fishing Series helps raise awareness about issues impacting on the region’s waterways—all while the participants are having fun with the family along some beautiful stretches of river. The Queensland Murray-Darling Committee (QMDC) ensures attendees at each Carp Buster event receive not only information about pest fish (including carp and tilapia) but also about weed threats and identification, and other natural resource management activities. Optional activities at Carp Buster events (dependent on staff availability and participant interest) have included water bug sampling where junior attendees (and the young at heart) have learned about the macro-invertebrates that exist within the river systems and how they can be used to determine the health of the waterways.


This fishing series is supported by the Queensland Murray-Darling Committee, including $6450 in advertising, promotion and project support, including  funds from the then Queensland Government, as well as technical officer support to the value of $9200, and $3500 in prizemoney plus event organisation by the Thallon, Bollon, Goondiwindi, Mungindi, St George, Surat and Dirranbandi fishing clubs.