Rangelands NRM Coordinating Group Inc.

Ngurrawaana Rangers 

Total investment (over 7 years): $783,034

Rangelands NRM has had a capacity building relationship with the Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation for seven years to develop an Indigenous ranger program based at the Ngurrawaana community, 115km south east of Roebourne, Western Australia.

One area of focus has been on eradicating the Weed of National Significance – Parkinsonia aculeata – a thorny, invasive shrub that spreads rapidly through the river system. The Ngurrawaana rangers have received training and coordination to undertake weed control and other land management work.


Interviews conducted verify the project has had considerable impact:

  • Weeds in the Pilbara have been reduced and continue to be monitored and controlled
  • Habitat is improved for native plant and animal species to return
  • A real understanding of the impact of funding on Indigenous populations and improving Indigenous lives has been shown
  • Children look forward to undertaking this type of work in the future and have role-models to look up to
  • The rangers and their families have a greater appreciation of being back ‘On Country’ and there is an improved feeling of community and achievement

“It’s good for the kids to grow up and see us doing this sort of work as a mentor for them, so when they grow up for the future that Ngurrawaana has its own ranger program set up for the future of our kids.”

Kingsley Woodley, Senior Ngurrawaana Ranger