Australian Government and the National Landcare Program

The Australian Government has been a major investor in natural resource management since the mid 1980s, initially through the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) and then through Caring for our Country leading to today's National Landcare Program.

All of these programs have similar components:

  • They have provided support for the national NRM regions infrastructure through funding for 56 regional NRM organisations that supports both the delivery of on-ground projects (either directly by the NRM regional organisations or by their regional partner organisations - for example Landcare groups, industry groups etc) and the important role of NRM Regional Organisations in planning and coordinating effort across the different levels of government with those of the regional community;
  • Direct grants to landcare and other community groups;
  • National programs that respond to issues relating to: national R&D requirements; national estate management; and international obligations.

Further information on the National Landcare Program can be found at the Australian government's NRM web portal:

State and Territory Government investment in NRM

State and Territory governments are also major investors in natural resource management. The way they invest varies between jurisdictions and further details can be found at the following web sites: