2019 National NRM Knowledge Conference abstracts

Abstracts of Presentations This section has two purposes: …
Photo: djpmapleferryman, https://www.flickr.com/photos/63319497@N00/3154711843.

Better carbon trading outcomes for farmers and government

NRM regional organisations’ support of the Australian Government’s Emission Reductions Fund is helping to boost farmer engagement and profitability, generate co- benefits, and reduce the negative impact and risk of non-delivery of emission-reduction projects.  
Grazier users of the NRM Spatial Hub say it can measurably improve their properties’ productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Big data helps graziers to manage rangeland areas

The NRM Spatial Hub is a web-based tool that helps rangeland graziers decide how to optimise their grazing land management by bringing together map, satellite and grazier knowledge. It is a great example of how the regional NRM network works with partners to leverage funding and deliver results for land managers.
New superfood? Kakadu Plums

A Kakadu Plum opportunity for bush tucker industry development

With health attributes and food preservation qualities, the bush tucker fruit Kakadu Plum has become a valuable crop for indigenous Australians who have co-designed harvesting protocols to ensure the growing industry is environmentally sustainable and in their control.

China looks to Tasmania for NRM leadership

The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and NRM South in Tasmania’s southern region are collaborating to share expertise in NRM management and support local and national project initiatives.