Grants to combat established pest animals and weeds

Each year, the economic impact of established vertebrate pest animals in Australian is around $800 million, while weeds cost us over $4 billion in terms of production losses and control activities.

It is important to continue looking at new and innovative ways to manage the impact of priority established pest animal and weeds.

The $13 million Australian Government’s Advancing Pest Animal and Weed Control Solutions competitive grant round is now open for applications.

The grant round aims to target organisations with a proven research and development capacity.

The funding for this grant round is to advance a range of breakthrough control solutions that challenge traditional approaches for the control of established pest animals or weeds, by researching and developing new practices, methods and tools, or adapting existing ones for use in new or different ways.

Projects could investigate developing biological controls, solutions for herbicide resistance, genetic modification technologies, chemical and non-chemical herbicides, digital, web-based and disruption technologies and electronic resources.

Applications will close on 25 September 2020.

For more information, including application details, visit the Grant Connect website ( or the Department’s website at