There are many Indigenous Land and Sea Management programs and projects across Australia supported by the Australian Government, State/Territory or Local  Governments, Land Councils, community and non-government organisations (including philanthropies), and Regional NRM bodies. The resources invested in these are substantial, at least $97 million in 2011-12. The programs are run across Indigenous owned land, government land, and private land.

Disruption to indigenous connection varies across Australia and addressing this requires a diverse, tailored and bottom-up approach. No one-size fits all, culture, language, law and country need to be respected and understood in the development of policies and programs to support Indigenous NRM.

The former Caring for our Country program increased the Indigenous NRM share of environmental management funding from <2% in 2006 to> 20% in 2011-12, as well as the application of environmental management in more remote parts of the rangelands.

In 2013, the National NRM Regions’ Working Group established an Indigenous Land and Sea Management Working Group. The aim of this group is to improve knowledge around opportunities for increasing Aboriginal engagement in NRM and to develop ways of sharing information about approaches used by regional NRM bodies.