About Kangaroo Island Landscape Board*

Kangaroo Island (KI) lies approximately 15 kilometres off the Fleurieu Peninsula in southern South Australia. The island covers an area of 4,370 square kilometres and is home to approximately 4,400 people who reside primarily in the four townships, the largest being Kingscote. The island welcomes more than 160,000 visitors each year, one third of whom are international guests.

Landscape management underpins a range of industries, with primary production, commercial fishing, and nature-based and farm-based tourism making up around 90% of the gross regional product.

KI was heavily impacted by the bushfires in the summer of 2019/20 with over half of the island being directly impacted by the fire. Landscape Management going forwards has to be within this in mind. Helping the island, habitat, wildlife and communities across the island recover from the bushfires will be a core element of the Landscape Board’s priorities.

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*Formerly Natural Resources Kangaroo Island. Note that from the 1 July 2020, landscape regions replaced NRM regions in South Australia.