About North Coast Local Land Services

North Coast Local Land Services work with land managers and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes.

They help people make better decisions about the land they manage and assist rural and regional communities to be profitable and sustainable into the future.

North Coast Local Land Services connect people with groups, information, support and funding to improve agricultural productivity and better manage natural resources.

The North Coast LLS Region covers an area of approximately 32,120 sq km. The major population centres are located on the coast and are connected primarily by coastal transport routes. The Region’s Northern, Central and Southern “socio-ecological landscapes”support unique suites of landscape, livelihood and lifestyle values. As such they provide a local basis for LLS planning and delivery, allowing North Coast Local Land Services to connect with the needs of local communities.

Local people, local services

North Coast Local Land Services is one statewide organisation offering integrated services, delivered regionally and tailored for each community, industry and landscape. They work to develop:

  • resilient, self-reliant and prepared local communities
  • biosecure, profitable, productive and sustainable primary industries
  • healthy, diverse and connected natural environments.

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