About North East Catchment Management Authority

The North East Catchment Management Authority is one of ten authorities established by the Victorian Government in July 1997. Each CMA works with the community, government and funding organisations to protect and enhance land, water and biodiversity resources.

The North East CMA encourage landholders, community groups and government to address the 'big' natural resource management issues facing their region, including adapting to climate change, fostering sustainable agriculture, managing cultural heritage and identifying the impacts of 'tree change' trends on land management in the North East.

They have offices in Wodonga, Kiewa and Everton.

The region

Victoria's north east is rich in natural assets; snow topped mountains, river valleys, open plains and natural forests.

The region is bounded by the Murray River in the north, the Victorian Alps in the south, the NSW border in the east and the Warby Ranges in the west. It takes in the local government municipalities of Wodonga, Indigo, Wangaratta, Alpine and Towong, plus parts of the Moira and East Gippsland shires.

Approximately 102,000 people live in the north east, contributing some $3.24 billion a year to Victoria's economic wealth. The main industries in the region are agriculture (dairy, beef, lamb, wool, cropping and horticulture), forest products, tourism, value-added processing industries and manufacturing.

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