About Northern Gulf Resource Management Group

Gulf Savannah NRM (formerly Northern Gulf NRM) aims to support culturally diverse communities that are socially cohesive, with a range of economically viable industries that incorporate the principals of ecologically sustainable development. They facilitates community owned outcomes, which balance economic activity, social and cultural interests and environmental values, within the context of maintaining and managing healthy ecosystem functions. It is a “bottom up” organisation, in that ideas and projects emanate from ordinary residents and community members of the region and are carried out by the company.

The region

The Northern Gulf natural resource region encompasses the catchments of the Norman, Gilbert, Staaten and Mitchell river systems, covering a land area of approximately 196,000 km². The major population centres are Karumba, Normanton, Croydon, Georgetown, Forsayth, Einasleigh, Mt Surprise, Irvinebank, Dimbulah, Chillagoe, Mount Molloy, Mount Carbine and Kowanyama.

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