About Rangelands NRM Coordinating Group Inc.

Rangelands NRM is an independent, non-political and not-for-profit organisation. They provide holistic, coordinated program delivery across the rangelands of Western Australia. By working together, we can manage the many pressures on the rangelands, and protect and preserve the wealth of biodiversity that calls it home and encourage sustainable land management.

More recently, over the last three years, Rangelands NRM have solidly transitioned from delivering localised environmental projects and building capacity of individual community groups to holistic (triple-bottom-line) coordinated programs. This has involved a significant investment in the capability of Rangelands NRM staff and community leadership ‘champions’ and processes that draw from contemporary processes in collaboration maturity. The development of our expertise and community engagement has enabled a more realistic and workable approach to tackling the lack of coordination and the sustainability issues in the region. It has enabled large-scale collaborative efforts, bringing people together to share ideas and collaborate, and providing a much better likelihood of making a difference over the vast areas in the rangelands.

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