Australian Regional Environmental Accounts Trial

Environmental Accounts and Information Statements

Environmental accounts and information statements were compiled by NRM regions as part to the Australian Regional Environmental Accounts Trial. Environmental accounts housed the data in spreadsheet form, while information statements documented the data sources and analyses used to compile the accounts. Accounts were developed according to published Guidelines, then submitted to the Scientific Standards and Accreditation Committee for accreditation.

Accounts were arranged by asset, spanning land, freshwater, coastal and marine environments. Assets were identified by NRM regions from their regional strategic plans. Together, the assets a broad set of values from a diversity of regional communities and landscapes across Australia.

Click on the links below to download environmental accounts and information statements by asset or region.

Accounts by Asset

Native Vegetation [September 2015 | 9.4MB]

Native Fauna [July 2014 | 1.2MB]

Soil [July 2014 | 6.4MB]

Rivers [July 2014 | 9.5MB]

Wetlands [July 2014 | 7MB]

Estuaries [July 2014 | 5.8MB]

Marine Fauna [July 2014 | 2.8MB]

Note: Each package is a compressed file (.zip) containing the environmental accounts (.xslx) and the relevant information statements (.pdf).

Accounts by Region

Central West Catchment Management Authority (now Central West Local Land Services) [July 2014 | 1.7MB]

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority [July 2014 | 0.6MB]

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula [July 2014 | 1MB]

Namoi Catchment Management Authority (now North West Local Land Services) [July 2014 | 0.8MB]

North Central Catchment Management Authority [July 2014 | 1.2MB]

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council [July 2014 | 1.2MB]

Northern Gulf Resource Management Group [July 2014 | 1.1MB]

NRM North [July 2014 | 3.3MB]

Queensland Murray-Darling Committee [July 2014 | 6.6MB] (coming soon)

SEQ Catchments [July 2014 | 2.4MB]

Note: Each package is a compressed file (.zip) containing the environmental accounts (.xslx) and the information statement (.pdf).


Assets within each NRM region selected for the Regional Australian Environmental Accounts Trial.