About Territory Natural Resource Management

Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM) is an independent not for profit organisation that works with landholders, community groups, industry and government to ensure sustainable management of water, land, soils, plants and animals.

TNRM have been operating since 2005 and their members include industry bodies, Landcare and community groups, local government, indigenous organisations, pastoral companies and local businesses. Their dedicated and professional team of staff work with people across the Territory to identify NRM issues and opportunities, and to plan and implement NRM solutions at a local and regional scale. TNRM are the custodians of a community based regional NRM plan, which identifies the goals and priorities for NRM across the Territory. They work to address management priorities and achieve the goals identified in the plan through:

  • Planning and coordinating projects and activities
  • Funding and supporting on-ground projects
  • Bringing people together to share information and learnings
  • Supporting training to increase skills and knowledge
  • Building partnerships and supporting people to work together
  • Sourcing funding for on-ground work and skill building
  • Sharing success stories and recognising the efforts of Territorians in managing our resources

They are also a member of the Rangeland NRM Alliance, which is a network of 14 regional NRM organisations that collaborate to improve natural resource management across Australia's rangelands, which make up 80% of the continent.

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