New Threatened Species Strategy launched

This week, Threatened Species Commissioner Sally Box announced the launch of the Australian Government’s new 10-year Threatened Species Strategy.

Several welcome elements include:

  • Climate adaptation and resilience such as conserving potential future places of refuge and strategies for ‘assisted colonisation’
  • Broadening the priority species to include reptiles, amphibians, freshwater and marine species,
  • A new focus on ‘priority places’ to expand the new Strategy’s influence across our land and seascapes, and
  • Expanding key action areas to focus Australian Government efforts to landscape-scale actions that are fundamental to the recovery of threatened species.

'The new Strategy builds on progress to date to deliver a framework for action to protect and recover our nation’s threatened plants and animals, spanning terrestrial, marine, and freshwater environments. The new Strategy will be underpinned by consecutive 5-year Action Plans - with the first Action Plan to be released later this year. Each Action Plan will identify priority species and places, outline specific actions to improve the trajectory and condition of species and places, and set targets to measure progress.' - Sally Box

Read more about the new Strategy in the media release:

A link to the strategy is here: