NRM Cradle Coast

Enhancing habit and significant ecosystems




  • Partnering with Threatened Plants Tasmania in a collaborative project
  • Creating plain English, accessible flora guide for all ages and interest-levels in the regional community

PACCA cards (short for Plants At-risk in the Cradle Coast Area) are a pocket-sized guide to the threatened flora that can be found across the Cradle Coast region.  The cards have been skilfully prepared to give a ‘plain English’ insight to the habitats, forms and distinctive features of our region’s special plants.  Images contributed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment; Threatened Plants Tasmania and the Hobart Botanical Gardens make the PACCA cards a truly collaborative production.

To ensure that they’re as practical and useful as possible, each card in the 55-strong deck is waterproof, pocket-sized and numbered so users can take them all or just the ones required when out on a bushwalk or field trip.  The cards include photos of the plants and their habitats and descriptions of their leaves, flowers and fruit (where applicable).  The plant’s status on the threatened species list is shown, plus interesting information on the meaning of the plant name.

A glossary, recommendations for further reading and information on collection permits make the PACCA cards the handiest threatened plant identification kit in the Cradle Coast.

Cradle Coast NRM set about developing the PACCA cards to raise awareness of special flora and to highlight the importance of preserving biological diversity in the region’s landscapes.  Some threatened species are naturally rare, occurring in only a few locations because their habitat is limited.  Others are rare because their habitat has been modified or cleared, or disease, pest plants and animals have been introduced.