Central West Local Land Services

Biodiversity outputs in the central west

From 2004 to 2013, the Central West CMA (now Central West LLS) achieved the following biodiversity outcomes:

  • negotiated the attachment of 13 conservation covenants to the titles of privately owned properties
  • negotiated 3445 voluntary conservation agreements
  • protected 116,719 ha of native vegetation by fencing
  • planted 118,307 ha of native vegetation
  • approved treatment of  120,928 ha of invasive native scrub through PVPs under the Native Vegetation Act 2003
  • negotiated 4127 ha of biodiversity offsets through approvals for clearing under the Native Vegetation Act 2003
  • implemented 541,758 ha of pest plant control measures
  • established  60 km of instream habitat
  • removed or modified 10 artificial barriers to fish passage
  • opened 175 km of upstream area to fish passage
  • protected 889,641 haof significant ecological communities
  • implemented 1,422,413 ha of pest animal control measures