Greater Sydney Local Land Services

Protecting the Cumberland Plain

In 2012-13, Greater Sydney Local Land Services received $1.5 million in Australian government funding to protect the critically endangered ecological communities of the Cumberland Plain in the Western Sydney Basin.  A massive coordinated effort has seen a multitude of groups and individuals work together to achieve common goals in a complex, interconnected project.


Key achievements include:

  • Identifying and mapping the aboriginal cultural value of the area and connecting this to projects like Aboriginal Landcare Culture Camps and an Aboriginal “Green Team”
  • Raising an additional $2.15 million via cash and in-kind investment from partners
  • Coordinating 39 on-ground projects with a multitude of community groups, local councils, government agencies, businesses and individuals
  • The rehabilitation of 650 hectares of critically endangered habitat, removal of weeds from over 400 hectares and the repair of 300 hectares of riparian corridors throughout one of the most important ecological regions in the country
  • Assisting and supporting volunteers to donate over 800 hours to conduct native flora and fauna surveys across Western Sydney

Greater Sydney - CoaKeepMilsons

Motivating volunteers to protect our coasts and estuaries

Greater Sydney Local Land Services has partnered with key groups in the Hawkesbury River estuary and coastal areas to increase community participation in an $800,000 NSW and Australian Government funded program that has restored dozens of hectares of critical coastal and estuaries.

One of the projects is Floating Landcare, where volunteers visit boat access only locations along the Hawkesbury River and in the Pittwater to undertake bush regeneration, litter collection, planting and flora and fauna surveys.

“Floating Landcare tackles real problems in an environmentally friendly way and encourages ordinary people to appreciate their bushland heritage,” said Judy Jeffery, a volunteer with Hornsby Bushcare.

“We get a vast range of people from ten year olds to company executives helping with cleaning up the Hawkesbury/Cowan Creek/Pittwater estuaries. They enjoy a fun day out, get wet and return with a greater environmental awareness and sense of achievement,” said

Graeme Johnston, McMasters Beach Surf Life Saving Club

GSLLS supports Landcare volunteers by providing small grants and insurance, hosting workshops, coordinating the Volunteer Coordinators Network and holding the annual Community Forums and Regional Landcare Awards every two years.

By working with Landcare groups, Surf clubs, local councils, schools, industry groups, State Government agencies and non profit organisations, GSLLS has:

  • generated $1.5 million of in-kind contributions
  • coordinated over 50 partnership projects
  • involved over 150 coastal community groups
  • united 4,500 individuals for education, training and on-ground works
  • hosted over 300 capacity building opportunities