NRM North

Roaming Cow- NRM North partnership- Case Study

In 2012, NRM North partnered with Fonterra – a multinational farmer cooperative responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports, which has a significant presence in the NRM North region.  Fonterra launched Roaming Cow yoghurt where ten cents from the sale of each tub of yoghurt was reinvested back to farmers for on-farm sustainability outcomes. Through the program, direct funding from the Fonterra Roaming Cow program has been to the value of $140,000, NRM North contribution $50,000 with a further farmer contribution of $176,000. This totalled $366,000. A large number of activities have included nutrient management plans (covering 6,000ha), improving systems to broaden the area of effluent spread on pastures (536ha) and riparian fencing (8ha). The benefits of these activities include reduced costs for landholders, less wasted fertilisers, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, healthier soils and water quality improvements.


The broader outcomes of this partnership project include:

  • Engaging with new farmers not previously involved in NRM;
  • Adding value to each partners’ program and collaborating to provide support to farmers in implementing NRM activities;
  • A sustainable, productive and profitable Tasmanian dairy industry within the northern NRM region;
  • The flexibility of the program has proven to be one of its greatest strengths; and
  • Neighbours are watching and learning what farmers in this project have done around nutrient utilisation which creates momentum.


In partnering with a large multi-national company, it is the local level relationships that have ensured this initiative has been successful in implementing a large number of NRM activities on-farm.