West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Corner Inlet Connections

The Corner Inlet Steering Committee (CISC) was established in 2007 to provide an integrated and collaborative approach to address issues impacting on the Corner Inlet Ramsar Site. The CISC includes representation from over 15 groups including community groups, landholders, government bodies and industry groups.

Since 2007, the CISC has been instrumental in coordinating a number of initiatives including:

  • Corner Inlet Strategic Directions Statement (2008)
  • Fostering Sustainable Behaviour in Corner Inlet: A Social Marketing Approach Study (2008)
  • Development and delivery of the Corner Inlet Connections Project (2010 – 13)
  • Corner Inlet Water Quality Improvement Plan (2013)
  • Development the Corner Inlet Connections Project (2013 – 2018)

Corner Inlet Connections (2010 – 13)

Aim: to enhance the condition, connectivity and resilience of Corner Inlet habitats and landscapes.

Key Achievements (2010 – 2013):

  • 282.52ha of riparian restoration and protection, erosion control and weed management in priority areas;
  • 261ha of threatened coastal vegetation protected;
  •  3500ha controlled for blackberry;
  • 454.2ha of coastal saltmarsh protected;
  • 80,000 ha of fox control and creation of buffers on islands at Corner Inlet;
  • 30ha sprayed to contain extent of core infestations of Spartina;
  • 59 effluent and nutrient management plans and 12 management agreements established for works on dairy properties;
  • Over 20 community education events and field days;
  • Over 60 media articles and more than 10 public education signs installed;
  • Over 200 indigenous people engaged in the project.

Total Investment (Australian and State Government): $4.5 million over 4 years