ACT NRM Council

Yurung Dhaura Aboriginal team caring for the Cotter

In 2003, Canberra experienced severe bushfires. But four Aboriginal people made a big difference in the restoration of the Cotter River Catchment as a result. The Yurun Dhaura (strong Earth) team delivered the ACT’s Caring for the Cotter project by restoring and protecting the Cotter and Paddy’s River Catchments.

They restored 76 hectares of high conservation value ecosystems and protected 6.4 kilometres of streambanks. Activities included addressing pest plants and animals, soil erosion and restoration of revegetation where trees did not regenerate after fires. The team also monitored water quality and pest animal activities, native fauna and flora, fenced sensitive areas and repaired and maintained tracks.

Pig baits were laid over 200ha, wild pines removed from 10ha and 5ha planted from bare ground to native trees and shrubs.